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Are you the parent you thought you would be? Jan 06, 2023

Before you had kids, did you imagine what kind of parent you would be?  

Years ago (before I had children), I read a story about a boy that tried to pour himself a glass of milk from a pitcher.  The pitcher was too heavy, so he ended up spilling the milk all over the kitchen floor.  Instead of being upset, his mother took the time to work with him, filling the pitcher to different levels and then...

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New Year Reset - What do you want for 2023? Dec 29, 2022

As you get closer to the end of the year, have you started to reflect back on 2022 and think about what you want for 2023?  Personally, I love this time of year.  The holidays are over, and the world slows down for a few days before we officially ring in the new year.  I find it a great time to reflect and center ourselves again, and get intentional about planning for what we want in the upcoming...

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A Gift For Yourself This Holiday Season Dec 22, 2022

Does your list get longer as the big holiday gets closer?  Almost everyone I talk to these days has a glazed-over look on their face as the list of everything they have to get done seems so long and daunting.  I won’t lie, the holidays snuck up on me this year, and my own list seems daunting.  I needed to generate my own support and encouragement to get myself through this next week, so I decided...

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Teaching Kids To Give Gifts From The Heart Dec 18, 2022

With all of the marketing going on for the Holiday season, do you get concerned about keeping your kids grateful and grounded?  This is a question that I commonly hear from parents this time of year, and my response is to teach children about gifts from the heart, and how to increase gratitude.

Most of us associate “gifts” with something that we buy for someone else.  We think of a present as a...

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When big feelings lead to bad behavior. Parenting Mistakes to Avoid. emotional management kid's misbehavior parenting tips Dec 08, 2022

As a parent, when your child is being unkind or exhibiting other unwanted behaviors is your first instinct to correct their behavior?  Big feelings can bring about a host of unwanted behaviors in our kids and trigger a number of responses from us.  As parents we want our kids to be kind and happy — and when they’re not, we can think that something has gone wrong or that we’ve done something...

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When Your Child Struggles With BIG Feelings emotional management intentional parenting parenting tips Dec 01, 2022

Does your child struggle with BIG feelings and are their emotions all-consuming?   Are your child's emotions unpredictable, keeping you on edge because you're not sure how to parent through it or what to do? You are not alone.  Parenting kids through big feelings can be hard and scary.  Many parents find it either maddening or anxiety-provoking — and some parents find it a mixture of both and...

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How To Raise Grateful Kids intentional parenting parenting tips raising kids Nov 23, 2022

Given that we’re in the season of gratitude, we tend to talk and think more about what we are grateful for — and given that gratitude is associated with increased levels of happiness it’s no wonder that this can be more of a “feel-good” time of year.  This time of year also has many parents asking how they can raise more grateful kids, especially as the holiday marketing season ramps...

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Being Grateful For Parenting Challenges intentional parenting parenting tips raising kids Nov 17, 2022

When your kids challenge you, do you find that you tend to think of them as difficult, defiant, or strong-willed?  Our kids seem to challenge us at all the most inconvenient times, when we have the most going on and the least bandwidth.  When this happens our thoughts tend to go down the path of I don’t have time for this right now, and why can’t they just do what I need them to do for once?


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Keep the end goal in mind to help manage OVERWHELM managing overwhelm parenting tips Nov 11, 2022

When you look at all the things on your list that you’re juggling, and the list of things you want to get done, do you ever stop to think about what you’re doing it all for?   Sometimes we get so caught up in the list of things we think we should be doing, that we forget WHY we're doing it to begin with.  Keeping the end goal in mind can help.

When my kids were little, I always really struggled...

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What OVERWHELM is really costing you... managing overwhelm parenting tips Nov 03, 2022

Is overwhelm as much a problem for you as it is for the parents I work with?  My clients tell me they’re tapped out, at the end of their rope, and it feels like one more straw will break the camel’s back.  They are struggling to keep up with everything — homework, activities, the emotional ups and downs — and it’s all so overwhelming.

Please know that I have walked in your shoes...

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The first step to getting out of OVERWHELM managing overwhelm role model Oct 27, 2022

When I ask my clients what top feelings they experience most often, “overwhelmed” is almost always on the list.  Given all the activities and school work for our kids added to our own responsibilities — as well as emotionally supporting our kids in navigating today’s social landscape — it’s no wonder that parents are overwhelmed!

I was having a discussion with a client...

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The #1 Reason Why Kids Don't Cooperate kid's developing brains parenting tips Oct 20, 2022

Do you often find yourself in a battle of wills with your kids and wish they would cooperate more easily?  When this happens I hear parents describing their kids as stubborn, difficult, obstinate, or even defiant.  They tell me that their kids know better and that they don’t understand why their kids don’t simply do what they’re supposed to.  These parents are usually frustrated, and at...

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