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Mom Guilt - What keeps it alive and 4 steps to get rid of it. Apr 28, 2021

If I asked you to list the top 3 feelings that you feel on a regular basis, what would they be? Working with parent clients, I find that the top contenders are guilt, doubt, anxiety (worry), and overwhelm.  Guilt is typically right up there.  There’s even a name for it, “Mom Guilt”.  When you say that everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about.  It doesn’t matter...

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Happiness should NOT be the goal... instead embrace negative feelings Apr 19, 2021

Did you know that advertising targeted to kids is over $4 billion a year? Yes, you heard me…  $4 BILLION.  But given that kids can influence parents spending, sometimes up to 98% of the time, it seems that the marketing spend is worth it.  But what kind of messages are our kids getting, how are they being influenced?

Now, we think that the main point of the marketing is to create a desire for the...

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The Thought / Feeling Paradox and how you can master it. Apr 05, 2021

Let’s talk about feelings.  Let’s just go there, just for a bit.  Does this make you uncomfortable?  You are not alone.  I find this all the time in my coaching.  I ask someone how they “feel” and they can’t answer me. 

As a coach, I spend a lot of time teaching parents about feelings, why they’re important, how to tune in to their own feelings, and how...

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Meltdowns?! What to do when your kid loses it. Mar 19, 2021

Have you ever become super-frustrated when your kid has lost it – You try to reason with them but they’re so upset they make no sense ?  And then you get all worked up too.

Kids can lose it for all sorts of reasons.
Your toddler can go over the edge because their sibling was playing with his favorite toy.  Your 10-year-old daughter can come downstairs furious with you because she was in the shower...

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Tools for building self-confidence in your kids Mar 12, 2021

Helping your child build self-confidence...

Does your child have self-confidence issues?  There are simple things that you can do as a parent to help your child build confidence.  As parents, our voices can become our child’s inner voice and we help shape their identity and how they see themselves.  Just becoming aware of this can help you parent more consciously so you can help your child build...

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Getting to Know Your Feelings, a users guide. Mar 09, 2021

Let me start by acknowledging that our society as a whole, has a complete aversion to negative feelings.  For most people, the goal is happiness… 100% of the time.  And if they’re not happy, something is wrong and they are trying to fix it.

Does this sound about right?

The reason why I start here is that I want to challenge the idea that you are supposed to be happy all the time.  Life is...

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The Invisible Bully - It's not who you think! Dec 23, 2020

Are you a bully, and not know it?

As parents, we work really hard to teach our children to be kind and compassionate.  We certainly don’t want our kids to be known as a bully and I’m sure we would like to think that we model being kind to others.

However, have you ever stopped to consider how you talk to yourself?  In a recent coaching session with a Mom, she made the comment “I feel like...

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