Be the parent
you want to be

Are you just parenting reactively, just dealing with emotional ups and downs the best you can?

I show parents the art of parenting consciously and confidently. I help parents stop reacting and start parenting intentionally, so they can have better relationships, raise confident and resilient kids, and have a more peaceful home.

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Find out what Mel can do to help you become the parent you want to be.


If you want to help your kids become their best, you need  to become your best as a parent. 

Are you parenting reactively, just dealing with emotional ups and downs the best you can?  There is another option, and a few simple changes can make a world of difference.

I teach parents the art of parenting intentionally and confidently so they can stop reacting and second guessing, and start connecting better to raise confident and resilient kids, and have a more peaceful home and life.

Schedule a 30-minute
discovery call

Find out what Mel can do to help you become the parent you want to be.


Do you struggle with guilt, anxiety and doubts?

I know what it’s like;  You want to parent differently but continue to struggle, failing to show up as the parent you want to be.

You desperately want quality time with your kids, but at the end of the workday, you're drained, and when your child comes to you with an issue,  fears or worries, you've got nothing left. At times like that, you probably don't handle it as well as you want. This makes you feel even worse.

All you want is to connect, enjoy being with them. You want to be an amazing parent, but all you see are all the ways that you’re doing it wrong. 

You read all the books, study other parents, and try like crazy to show up, but you still have guilt, doubt, and anxiety. Your changes don't seem to stick.

I know – because I've been there, and I've tried everything.


Parent Confidently and Intentionally.

Tired of second-guessing, wondering if you’re doing the right thing?

I'm an entrepreneur, a high achiever that successfully grew a business, but I did not feel successful as a parent. Thankfully – I am not wired for giving up, and I'm beyond persistent.

When I finally discovered a coaching methodology that worked for me, I dove deep, did the work, and got my own coaching certification, learning how to manage my own thoughts and feelings, and in the process learned how to help my kids do the same.

I finally was becoming the parent I wanted to be.

In my practice, I've developed a coaching framework specific to parenting, it's helped me and many others get to real-life solutions, and I can help you too!

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Julie H

Mel's coaching has definitely given me more confidence that I am a good parent and a good Mom. 
I’ve had wow moments in every coaching session and I’ve walked away with a new perspective and way of thinking.  
Coaching sessions with Mel helped me see that it wasn’t hard, it was what was going on in my own head that was getting in the way. 

I believe that every parent could benefit from coaching.

Rebecca B


Before working with Mel, I was anxious because I wasn’t the mother that I had envisioned myself being. I would often get stressed or unhappy with my reaction to certain things with the kids.

Getting coaching was eye-opening and made me realize things not only about parenting but about myself as well. 

Mel made me comfortable and she was really easy to talk to.  I looked forward to the coaching sessions and walked away with both an aha and something that I was focusing on until the next coaching session.  With Mel’s help,

I am becoming the mother that I wanted to be, and I definitely recommend parent coaching with her.

Ana D

There was an immediate “aha moment”, that brought a great amount of clarity and confidence to take the next action steps.
 Through my coaching experience I was able to remove limiting thoughts that prevented me from achieving and living my best life.
Working with a coach does take work to remain consistent in building new habits, that is where multiple sessions make a big difference. As a result of my sessions with Mel, I have grown both personally and professionally.


I highly recommend Mel as a coach; her knowledge and dedication are remarkable and she is one of the very best!

The solution is easier than you think —
It's called New Generation Parenting.

What if you could stop reading all the parenting books searching for answers?
What if you could stop worrying about screwing up your kids, desperately trying to be the perfect parent?

New Generation Parenting is my coaching methodology developed to help other parents, transforming how you parent so you can show up confidently as the parent you want to be.

As a NewGen Parent, you will...

  • Feel more confident in your parenting skills so you can handle your children’s emotional ups and downs, and turn parenting challenges into teachable moments.
  • Understand what’s going on in your child’s brain so you can parent in a way that increases your child’s self-awareness, flexibility, and resilience.
  • Better support yourself, so you can show up confidently and intentionally parent…  even on difficult days.
  • Not beat yourself up when things don’t go as you had hoped.
  • Decide what kind of parenting works best for you and your family, and then show up as the parent that you want to be.

Are you ready to become a more intentional, confident, effective parent for your kids?

It’s 100% possible,
and I can help you get there.

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We will discuss exactly how I can help you with your parenting challenges and mind drama so you can feel better and parent more effectively now. 

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