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Mel Peirce is a dynamic and engaging speaker who inspires parents through her presentations by including research that motivates, relatable real-life examples, and new and simple tools that are proven to work so parents can leave the guesswork of parenting behind and confidently handle their biggest challenges.

Mel Peirce is a Professional Certified Coach, Parenting Mentor, Speaker, and Writer.

She runs a private coaching practice in Northern MA, working with parents who are at a loss because they don’t know what to do or they’re not sure if they’re doing the right thing. Mel helps parents leave the guesswork behind and parent with confidence by taking the mystery out of children's emotions and behavior.  Mel gives presentations and workshops to help parents understand their child's developing brain, emotions, and the brain-behavior connection.  Mel used these concepts to develop her Parent from Neutral approach, one of the novel parenting tools from her Confident Parenting Toolbox.  Mel writes extensively and has a weekly column, Mindful Parenting With Mel, in seven local Macaroni Kid publications.

We just wanted to thank you again for presenting such a wonderful workshop to the parents and families at our school!!   We greatly appreciate you presenting such a well thought out, organized, and relatable presentation - the information you provided is so valuable for parents and we think it will be for our teachers as well, we can't wait to share what we learned!” 
– Jenna Newhall, M.Ed, School Adjustment Counselor
Veterans Early Learning Center

The world has changed. 

Raising emotionally healthy kids is more important yet harder than ever right now. Parents know it, and they’re feeling the pressure. Unfortunately, as parents’ stress and anxiety levels rise their ability to parent effectively falls.

The old parenting paradigms of punishment and rewards aren’t working, and parents need new and different tools to support their kids through today’s challenges.
A different parenting skill set is needed, one that most parents don’t know and one that is the opposite of most of our natural parenting instincts.

Mel has taken the latest research on how children’s brains develop, what drives their emotions, and how to help them learn — and combined it with the most effective coaching tools to come up with a simple, new parenting toolbox to help confidently parent through the modern challenges that our kids face.

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Parenting Kids Through
Big Feelings

Not sure if your child has BIG feelings or just age-appropriate reactions?  Learn what drives your child's BIG feelings, common mistakes to avoid when parenting through them, and research backed simple tools you can start using immediately to help.  

Successfully Navigate Conflict 

(by learning how to get to neutral.)

Conflict can make us feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, or even angry. Unfortunately, we typically don’t react well when we are experiencing these feelings and we end up losing it in the moments that we most need to keep it together.

In this workshop, we cover how to maintain control and avoid responding emotionally when faced with situations of conflict.

Parenting Through Anxiety

This interactive presentation demystifies the science behind anxiety and what’s happening in our children’s brains and bodies in a simple way that parents can use to talk to their kids, with a number of simple tools that parents can use to help themselves and their children shift out of anxiety.

Benefits to Parents and Schools

Less stress and less worry for both parents and kids because parents now have tools to help their anxious kids.

Kids have more self control because parents have tools to teach kids how to self-regulate. Self-control has been proven to be one of the biggest predictors of success in school and life.

Confident parents and confident kids — When parents have more tools in their toolbox they parent with more confidence, and confident parents raise more confident and resilient kids.

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