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How to set effective consequences that make sense Apr 06, 2023

When your child isn’t listening or behaving as you would like, do you find yourself saying: 

If you don’t stop that you’re going to lose the iPad!
If you don’t listen, you can’t go on your playdate tomorrow. 

In my recent blog about threats, I shared how many parents end up using threats because they think their kids are out of control — but that’s not usually the...

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The power of the PAUSE - Your Most Powerful Parenting Habit Mar 30, 2023

Do you know what single parenting habit would make the biggest impact and help you remain more in control in every single difficult situation that arises with your kids?

The answer might surprise you because it’s so simple.  

The parenting habit that enables you to remain more in control is the PAUSE.

The pause is when you add space between whatever your child says or does, and your response.  That...

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The first step when dealing with frustrated kids Mar 23, 2023

When your child is frustrated or upset, how do you typically respond?  If you’re like me, you typically try to help fix whatever is causing the frustration or you try to help them see it from a different perspective.  We just want to help, but unfortunately that approach can often backfire.

This happened with me and my daughter over her college schedule.  She had worked with her advisor to pick out...

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Encouraging Free Play For Emotionally Healthy Kids Mar 14, 2023

In an average week, how much free time do your kids have to just play?  For many families and children, unstructured free time to play has decreased as practices, activities, lessons, and electronics have increased.  

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids and we think we are giving them a head start, but the research is telling a different story.  According to Boston College research...

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How To Keep A Clean House With Kids Mar 10, 2023

Do you struggle to get your kids to help clean up after themselves?  Does the chaos and clutter that comes with young kids have you at your wits end?  A writer from the Redfin real estate and lifestyle blog reached out to me asking for tips on how to keep a clean house with kids recently, so know that you’re not alone!  

If you are a parent that has given up on the clutter or getting your kids...

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Do you use threats when your kids aren't behaving? Mar 02, 2023

Do you use threats to get your kids to behave?  If I ask parents how often they use threats, most don’t think they use threats all that often — but if I ask how often do you hear yourself saying “If you don’t sit down, we’re going to have to leave” or “If you don’t stop fighting, you’re both going to lose the iPad” they realize that they are using threats...

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Pressure To Get It Right As A Parent managing overwhelm parenting tips Feb 23, 2023

Do you stress over whether you’re doing the right thing as a parent?  In my recent live workshops, I had almost every parent asking questions about challenges they were having with their kids.  There were also quite a few parents that were looking for confirmation that they were doing the right thing.  

I could feel the stress and tightness in their shoulders, the boulder pressing on...

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Help Your Child Navigate Friendships confident kids parenting tips Feb 16, 2023

Do you have a child going through a tough time with a friend?  Learning how to navigate friendships can be hard for children, and heartbreaking for parents.  

At one of my recent workshops, there was a Mom whose 7-year-old was struggling with his long-time best friend.  Her son was coming home in tears, and she was in tears herself not knowing how to help.

I started by asking the Mom to check in...

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How to get your kids off devices without a fight helping kids listen parenting tips Feb 09, 2023

Do your kids get super engrossed when they are in front of devices or playing video games?  Do feel like a broken record, having to repeat yourself over and over again, issuing threats until your kids finally break away?  Many parents tell me that they have issues with getting their kids to listen, especially when they are on devices.

They think that their kids are ignoring them and choosing not to listen,...

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How To Help Your Child Develop Coping Skills emotional management parenting tips role model Feb 05, 2023

Do you know any adults that lose it easily or really struggle emotionally when they are faced with challenges?  I don’t know about you but I’ve met my fair share!  Knowing what I know now, I do my best to be empathetic because chances are high that they simply weren’t taught how to cope as children.

This is an area that I work on with parents often because it’s common for children to...

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What is co-regulation and how to help kids manage emotions emotional management parenting tips Jan 26, 2023

We are hearing the terms “emotional regulation”, and “co-regulation” more often in child development, parenting circles, and from pediatricians — but do you really know what they mean and why they’re important?  

According to Psychology Today, emotional regulation is the ability to exert control over one’s own emotional state. This can include rethinking a challenging...

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You can't have what you don't plan for intentional parenting parenting tips Jan 19, 2023

When you’re getting ready for a trip, do you take the time to plan out what to bring with you and what you’re going to do?  

When my kids were little, we often took them to the beach.  We would get all packed up, and invariably once we were there I would have forgotten something — a garbage bag, the sunblock stick for the nose, the baby powder to get the sand off the kids before a fresh...

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