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Parenting is harder than ever right now...
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Learn To Keep Your Cool & Communicate

So Your Kids Will Listen

Take the heightened emotions out of your parenting process so you can parent your best when your kids need you most

Are you ready to become the confident parent that stays calm and in control no matter what is going on with your kids?

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If you're like many of my clients, you're finding life and parenting harder than ever right now.

Our kids have been through a lot and it's not slowing down.

Here's what I'm hearing from parents:

  • Mentally I'm hanging on by a thread and I'm constantly struggling to not lose it.
  • I want to support my kids but I don't know how.
  • When I try to help it just makes things worse.
  • I'm worried that I'm going to do something wrong or that I've already messed things up.
  • I want to enjoy my time with my kids, but the times we have together are so stressful and by the end of the day I've got nothing left to give. 

Does this sound familiar?
Do you find yourself thinking the same things?


The biggest hurdle that I see with struggling parents that keeps them stuck, is thinking that they have to get their kids to feel better, behave differently, or listen better for them to feel better and stay calm and in-control.

And if you’re on this page, I have to assume that you can relate.

You might think if you could get your kids to listen the first time then you could remain calm.  You might think if your kids picked up after themselves, did their homework, stopped having meltdowns, were less anxious and worried, or were more pleasant and kind…  then things would be better.

But those are the thoughts that keep so many parents stuck.

And the worst part is that they don’t even realize it.  

Here's the truth most parents don't know...

We can’t control everything our kids do in every moment or fix how they feel so that we can consistently feel calm and in-control, it just doesn’t work that way.  Trying to control your kids will likely decrease your connection and weaken your relationship with them.  Ultimately, believing that your kids have to change for you to feel better is what will keep you stuck and struggling.

When you think that something else has to change for you to feel differently, you have given up your power and ability to keep your cool, and your emotions can spill over and affect your parenting.

I know because that was me.  I was leading and managing a high growth start-up and was stuck in overwhelm, guilt, stress and frustration for most of my kids’ early years…  which affected how I parented and my relationships with my kids.

I originally hired a coach to help me handle the overwhelm and become a better leader for my company.  I didn’t realize how much it affected my parenting until my daughter commented that things were really different at home.  When I asked her what had changed, her response was “You did Mom”.

Learning to manage my own emotions, keep my cool, and communicate better changed everything for me and my family.  My relationships with my kids improved exponentially, and we have so much more peace in our home. I truly believe that I have changed the lives for future generations of our family because my children will now parent differently based on what they are learning from watching me.

And now I’m helping my clients do the same thing for themselves and their families. 

Parenting (and Life) Can Be Easier!

When you have tools in your parenting toolbox and know how to manage your own emotions, you are able to show up as the parent that you want to be, you are in a place to help your kids navigate their emotions, and you are finally able to enjoy your time with your kids. 

Imagine what it's going to  be like when...

You know how to handle meltdowns and tantrums.

You are able to say no without a reaction from your child every time.

You don’t get triggered when your child reacts.

You have a process for solving issues and problems.

You communicate in a way where your child continues to talk to you.

You move beyond just surviving the day to day to actually helping your child thrive.

There is a simple solution to learning to keep your cool and communicating so your kids will listen.  

It's the secret that calm and in control parents do automatically, and may not even be aware that they're doing it.


Think about how you parent when you are frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or stressed.  If you’re like most parents, you are likely reactive, short-tempered, short-sighted, commanding and demanding, and you take it out on your kids and family.  You’re likely not present, patient, calm or in-control.  

Parenting From Neutral is the ability to parent from a neutral place, without getting sucked into the heightened emotions of parenting so you can remain calm, in-control, and connected to your kids — and it’s the foundation of my New Generation Parent Coaching Program.

I'm more connected and know my kids better...

Before working with Mel, I mentally felt like I was hanging on by a thread, and any straw could break the camel’s back.  The idea of coming from a place of neutral and parenting from curiosity has reframed and shifted the time and way I engage with my kids that makes me way more effective. Now I feel far more connected to my kids, I know my kids better, and my husband sees me as much more calm and in control instead of frazzled and disconnected.

- Anna, Mom of 3

I can handle my daughter's anxiety...

Before coaching I wasn't able to help my daughter with her anxiety and only made things worse. Now when my daughter comes to me, I can separate myself so that it isn’t about me and I can just be there for her.  I am showing up differently for her and also starting to teach her some things too.   Through coaching I realized that there’s not a wrong way to parent, you just have to find what works best for you and your family.   

- Julie, Mom of 2

I'm able to enjoy my time with my kids...

I have been seeing Mel for parenting coaching and her sessions have had such an impact on me that even my friends are noticing. I received this text message the other day from a good friend... “Hey Liz, I just want to tell you I saw a HUGE difference in your confidence in your parenting this weekend. I can tell your work with Mel is really resonating with you. I’m SO happy to see this! You’re a wonderful parent and always have been, but it makes me so happy to see you be less stressed and able to enjoy yourself  when with your kiddos."

- Liz, Mom of 2

Introducing the Parent From Neutral Coaching Program

As your coach, I’ll help you…

Parent From Neutral

  • Learn the Parent From Neutral process so you can control your emotions, instead of them controlling you.
  • Identify your current filters for how you are parenting and learn to consciously shift to neutral.
  • Learn how to define and keep consistent boundaries so you can handle “misbehavior” without getting upset.

Communicate So Your Kids Will Listen

  • Learn how your child’s brain is developing so you communicate in a way that keeps your child open to hearing what you have to say and you stay connected.
  • Learn a process to calmly work through issues and solve problems.
  • Learn multiple communication strategies for different situations so you can confidently communicate with your children when they are experiencing heightened emotions.

Help Your Children Thrive

  • Learn how to cultivate confidence, resilience and courage in your child.
  • Intentionally help build your child’s identity and how they see themselves.
  • Build your child’s emotional vocabulary and help them learn how to navigate negative emotions.

The purpose of the Parent From Neutral Coaching Program is to not to tell you how to best raise your children and what values to give them.  It’s to help you remain calm so you can effectively decide how to best parent and not let your emotions rule you… 

When you stay calm and communicate effectively in challenging situations, you are modeling and showing your kids how to do the same.  This is how we raise a new emotionally healthy generation from the ground up.  You have the potential to make a lasting impact on this world through your children and future generations…  

 Are you ready to change things for your family and future generations?

Show Me What's In Parent From Neutral

Read this before you go!

In case you’re wondering, I don’t just coach on parenting struggles.  I typically find that as I start coaching clients, we find issues in other areas of their lives that affect how they show up as a parent.

I’ve helped clients work with difficult bosses, improve their performance at work, prep for interviewing, transition jobs, and improve their relationships with partners and family members.

This work doesn't just change how you parent...  it improves every aspect of your life.  I don't know if you caught it, but I first started working with a coach to get help for my business.  I could see the difference it made at work because that's what I was focused on.  What I didn't realize was how much it changed me as a parent until my daughter pointed it out.

When you tackle and address the areas where you're struggling in addition to parenting, everything became easier. 

Let me help you.
Lots of love,

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