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Parenting Is Harder Than Ever Right Now...

But it doesn't have to be.

For Frustrated Parents who know there has to be a better way, but they haven't been able to find it...
until now.

If you're at the end of your rope, and stuck in constant frustration, anxiety and overwhelm that make it really difficult to parent effectively, learn how to take those heightened emotions out of your parenting process and Parent From Neutral — so you can parent your best when your kids need you most.

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Have you ever wished your kids would...

Listen better and pick up after themselves
Stop fighting and stop having meltdowns
Do their homework without complaining
Stop having issues at school or with friends
 less anxious and worried
 more pleasant and kind

And maybe you've even thought that if your kids changed, then you could be more calm, more in-control, and you could actually enjoy being a parent? (Spoiler alert - it doesn't work this way and you can't always control what your kids do!)

If you're like many of my clients, you find parenting hard.

Here's what they tell me:

  • Mentally I'm hanging on by a thread and I'm constantly struggling to not lose it.
  • My kids are struggling and I want to support them but I don't know how.
  • When I try to help it just makes things worse.
  • I'm worried about my kids and concerned that I'm doing things wrong or that I've already messed things up.
  • I want to enjoy my time with my kids, but the times we have together are so stressful and by the end of the day I've got nothing left to give. 

Do any of these sound like your thoughts?

You might have even read the best parenting books, and tried a number of different approaches...  but the days and months have gone by and nothing has changed


Think about how you parent from these feelings...  if you're like my clients you might get short tempered and reactive, yell, cry, freeze, withdraw, get stuck in your own head, and not be nice to your family.  And you're certainly not calm, present, effective or parenting your best.

But when things are tough it's hard to just feel calm and positive either.

When you're stuck in frustration, anxiety and overwhelm, you can't automatically transition to calm and in-control to be able to parent effectively.  It's too far of an emotional leap, but unfortunately those are usually the times that our kids need us to parent effectively the most!

So what do you do when you're in the moment, struggling with heightened emotions yourself, and your child needs you to show up as your best parenting self?

There's a simple solution to becoming the calm, in-control and effective parent that you want to be!

And it's easier than you think...

You Just Get To NEUTRAL

We already know that you can't go from frustrated and overwhelmed to calm and in-control, but there is a space in between that you can access.  A space I call the land of neutral.  When you get to neutral, you take the frustration and anxiety out of your parenting process which puts you back in the driver's seat so you can intentionally choose your response instead of automatically (over)reacting.


- You are calmer, more connected, and you know your kids much better like my client Anna.

- Your friends notice how you're less stressed and enjoying your time with your kids more like my client Liz.

- You've reached a whole new level of calm that you didn't even know existed, and you're now able to stay focused on how to best help your child like my client Kate.

- You find these concepts help you successfully navigate issues at work and in other relationships like my clients Angela and Christina, and other areas of your life get easier.

- You're able to handle meltdowns and tantrums.

- You can say no to your child without sending them into a tailspin.

- You have a process for solving issues and problems.

- You're far more effective and no longer shooting from the hip.

- You move beyond surviving the day to day, and actually help your child thrive.

- You're becoming more of the parent you always dreamed you would be.

Your children learn new parenting habits from you and you change your legacy for your children and future generations.


PARENT from NEUTRAL isn't just a "Parenting Class" giving you new information and tools.




Just like these Parent From Neutral clients...

Parenting from neutral has made me way more effective...

Before working with Mel, I mentally felt like I was hanging on by a thread, and any straw could break the camel’s back.  The idea of coming from a place of neutral and parenting from curiosity has reframed and shifted the time and way I engage with my kids that makes me way more effective. Now I feel far more connected to my kids, I know my kids better, and my husband sees me as much more calm and in control instead of frazzled and disconnected.

- Anna, Mom of 3

I can handle my daughter's anxiety...

Before coaching I wasn't able to help my daughter with her anxiety and only made things worse. Now when my daughter comes to me, I can separate myself so that it isn’t about me and I can just be there for her.  I am showing up differently for her and also starting to teach her some things too.   Through coaching I realized that there’s not a wrong way to parent, you just have to find what works best for you and your family.   

- Julie, Mom of 2

I handle things so much better now...

My kids are still challenging, but I handle things so much better now.  My daughter had a problem at school recently that likely would have resulted in high levels of anxiety and possibly needing meds before, but because of this work I was able to stay calm and focused on how best to support my daughter, and as a result things went much smoother.  My staying calm helped her stay more calm.

- Christina, Mom of 2

I am becoming the mother that I wanted to be…

I was anxious because I wasn’t the mother that I had envisioned myself being. I would often get stressed or unhappy with my reaction to certain things with the kids.  After working with Mel, I feel as though I am more in control and can handle situations that used to stress me out much better.  I am becoming the mother that I wanted to be.

 – Rebecca, Mom of 2

Let me show you

Parent From Neutral is an 8-week Group Mentoring Program for struggling and busy parents that need help and results yesterday.  Even though it’s all science backed, it’s taught in everyday language in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.  And Mel teaches ONLY what you need to know to implement ASAP to keep you out of information overload.  Each week stacks and builds so it's easy to follow and the changes happen week by week. 

Parent From Neutral is completely unique and intentionally designed taking into account the neuroscience of learning, the latest research on children's development and how to raise emotionally intelligent kids, with the best coaching framework and tools. 

If you've tried to change in the past with no luck, you will discover why and exactly what you can do differently to ensure you get the results you want based on the neuroscience of learning and how our brains best learn.  You will know exactly what to do to easily and efficiently learn and implement these new concepts so they quickly become your new default, saving you months of struggle with no results. 

Each lesson is pre-recorded and and is accessed via a student-only portal so you can watch them on your schedule.  Even if you're short on time as most parents are, each lesson is designed to be under 25-30 minutes so you can fit them in when it works best for you.  The lessons are released each week along with an implementation workbook, allowing you time to learn and practice each concept.  Again, they are designed to stack and build.

You also get unlimited email access so you can get all of your questions answered, along with four private coaching calls so you can experience the coaching tools in action.  

Lifetime access to lessons, Q&A recordings, as well as any future updates to the Parent From Neutral program will be granted at the end of the program, along with any bonuses that are revealed below.

Here is the unique Parent From Neutral Process to becoming a Calm and Effective Parent:  

Phase 1 - The Neuroscience of Learning and Parent From Neutral Process

In weeks one and two, we start with the neuroscience of learning to make learning and embodying these new concepts easier, and we go in-depth into the Parent From Neutral process.  You learn the science of parenting so you can parent best based on how your child's brain is developing.

Phase Two - Coaching Framework 

In weeks three and four, we cover coaching tools and a framework that you can use to self-coach and help your kids.  We go deep into learning how to effectively navigate frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, and any other heightened emotions that affect your ability to parent effectively, and get to neutral.  

Phase 3 - Communication

In weeks five and six, we are covering communication strategies so you stay connected to your kids and can help them build their emotional vocabulary.  We also cover how to establish boundaries while staying emotionally responsive and a self-discipline process that will help to decrease discipline issues overall

Phase 4 - Helping Your Kids Thrive

In weeks seven and eight, we bring it all together so you can move beyond addressing behavior issues to actually helping your kids thrive.  We discuss how to intentionally help to build your child's identity and cultivate confidence, resilience and courage in your child.  We also address how to help establish the habit of positive self-talk, and wrap up with a review of your Parenting Toolbox which we've been adding to over the eight weeks.

In addition to the CORE content, you will also receive: 

Weekly Live Q&A and Coaching

(Value $2997)
I created Parent From Neutral to be the fastest and easiest way to go from frustrated and reactive parenting — to calm, in-control and effective parenting. But I also wanted it to be the most supportive so you're no longer struggling alone.  Have questions or anything not making sense? Completely stuck and don't know what to do? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED WITH 2 SUPPORT CALLS A WEEK!

Weekly  Workbooks and Cheat Sheets

(Value $1497)
Each phase has an implementation workbook where you will take the concepts covered and see how they apply specifically to your child(ren) and family.  You will also receive "cheat sheets" which are the cliff note versions of the lessons.

On top of ALL of that, you will also get these BONUSES!


(Value $197)
Included with Parent From Neutral when you are one of the first five to enroll.  Get exclusive one-to-one time with Mel.  Use it to cover any of your parenting questions, come up with a transformation plan, or get coaching on any challenges that you may be facing in other areas of your life.  It's your time and it's up to you when and how to use it!

Parent From Neutral Playbook

($497 Value)
At the end of the course, you will receive a Parent From Neutral Playbook so you will have all of the tips and strategies compiled in one easy to read format.

Exclusive Audio Downloads 

(Value $197)
Get access to exclusive Parent From Neutral meditations and subliminal audios, all designed to effectively support rewiring your brain with your new parent programming as you move through the transformation process.

How To Create Better Results Workbook

(Value $497)
Want to learn how to create better results in every area of your life? This is a blueprint that teaches you step by step how to create the results that you want!

How To Believe New Beliefs Worksheet

(Value $297)
When you're working on creating new results, your mind will likely reject what doesn't align with your current beliefs.  I give you a step by step process so your mind will accept them as you work your way to believing them so deeply they are your new truth.

I've reached a whole new level of calm...

The lessons are stacking week by week and I can see my thought process changing.  I've reached a whole new level of calm that I didn't know existed, and it feels awesome.  Now I'm able to stay focused on how best to help my son.
- Kate, Mom of 3


Take The Emotions Out Of Your Parenting Process and become the Calm and Effective Parent You've Always Wanted To Be.

The Parent From Neutral Program runs for eight weeks and includes email support, and two levels of individual coaching support.

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  • Weekly Workbooks and Cheat Sheets
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Course Bonuses
  • Four PRIVATE 30 minute Coaching Calls with Mel

Your No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

When you're a parent, you may be hesitant to spend money on yourself because you tend to put everyone else first. I'm also fully confident that the VALUE this program will bring to not only your life, but the lives of your children and family far exceeds the price.  However, I get that it's daunting to spend your hard-earned cash before you see the inside of the program. For that reason, I offer a 30 day no-risk refund policy.  Join Parent From Neutral today, and if by June 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST you don't feel you've received the value from the program, just email [email protected].  Show my team that you've completed all of your worksheets and either been on one of each week's live calls or watched the replay, and we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Still Have Questions?

No worries!  We're happy to hop on a quick call and answer any questions you may have.


Hi!  I'm Mel...

I'm a Certified Professional Coach and Parenting Mentor, that helps frustrated parents learn to keep their cool and communicate so their kids listen better by teaching them to Parent From Neutral so they can parent their best when their kids need it most.

Here's the truth most parents don't know...

Our natural instinct as parents is typically to want our kids to be happy, behave, and have things be easy and go well for them.  But that can leave us trying to control them or fix how they feel, so that we can consistently feel calm and in-control.  But it just doesn’t work that way... and when we try we can end up decreasing our connection and weakening our relationships with them. 

It keeps us frustrated, anxious, stuck and struggling... and our emotions can spill over and affect our parenting.   

I know because that was me.  I was leading and managing a high growth start-up and was stuck in overwhelm, guilt, stress and frustration for most of my kids' early years...  which affected how I parented and my relationships with my kids.

I originally hired a coach to help me handle the overwhelm and become a better leader for my company.

I didn’t realize how much my coaching for work affected my parenting until my daughter commented that things were really different at home.  When I asked her what had changed, her response was “You did Mom”.

Learning to get to neutral, keep my cool, and communicate better changed everything for me and my family.  My relationships with my kids improved exponentially, and we have so much more peace in our home. I truly believe that I have changed the lives for future generations of our family because my children will now parent differently based on what they are learning from watching me.

And that's why I knew I needed to create a program for YOU.

Unlike other tools and strategies that never stuck, I've combined the neuroscience of learning, the latest research on children's development and how to raise emotionally intelligent and healthy kids, with the best coaching framework and tools to create Parent From Neutral.  Each week stacks and builds so it's easy to follow and the changes happen week by week. I'm watching in awe as my clients get great results, and I truly believe it's the fastest and easiest way to transform your parenting.

My mission is to build a new emotionally healthy and happy generation from the ground up.  I believe it's more needed than ever right now, and this is how parents can help change the world.  I hope you'll join me.

It's Decision Time.

You can keep struggling and stay stuck in frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm.  Or you can master parenting from neutral so you can become the parent your kids need most.

Join Parent From Neutral today!

If you're reading this...

The fact that you've gotten this far down on this page means that you KNOW you need help.  You've likely tried so many different approaches, but the days (and months) have gone by and nothing has changed.  I am intimately familiar with that level of frustration and desperation to find something that works.

The days may be long for you, but trust me when I say that the years are really short. You can close this page and just hope that you might figure it out on your own, losing these precious years to frustration.  Or you can decide to take a shortcut, gain more peace in your life, and make a decision that will change everything for you, your kids, and your family. 

Let me help you.  I know what worked for me, I know what's working for my clients, and I know what's possible for you.

Lots of Love,

So tell me...  Are you in?

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