Does your child struggle with BIG feelings that affect your whole family?

Mrs. Alexander's School and FOMA are proud to sponsor 


 Join us for the
 BIG Feelings 
Parent Workshop 

Tuesday, April 4th

 7 pm EST 
Mrs. Alexander's School
80 Lothrop Street, Beverly, MA 

In this 1 hour workshop, Coach and Parent Expert Mel Peirce shares what is driving your child's BIG feelings, mistakes to avoid when you're parenting your child through them, and simple and easy tools that you can start using immediately to help them. 

"You can read about tools anywhere but this workshop was different.

I was able to apply it to my specific situation, and shift to a place where I can parent better to help my anxious child."  – Alexis

Not sure if your child has BIG feelings or just age-appropriate reactions?
Here are some ways to tell if this workshop is perfect for you:

  • If your child is easily frustrated, anxious, and their emotions are all consuming.
  • If you're often on edge because your child's emotions are unpredictable.
  • If your attempts to help tend to escalate the situation instead of calming it down.
  • If you are at a loss as to how to help and don't know what to do.
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Teaching your kids how to handle big feelings is one of the best skills that you can teach them — one that will have a huge impact on their emotional health and happiness for life.
We look forward to seeing you there!

 Here are what parents are saying about Mel's workshops:

"Mel's BIG Feelings Workshop was so eye-opening. Since the workshop, I'm calmer with my two sons.  I listen more and react less when they are experiencing big feelings.  Previously I would just try to fix what was wrong or get them to stop.  Now I know how to get to the root cause and work through it."  – Rachel

"This class was so informative and definitely worth my time. Mel shared great information that was new, gave me a different perspective, as well as multiple takeaways that I'm able to use right away." – Julie

"Eye-opening and insanely helpful. It gave me the tools and guidance to take me out of the emotion of parenting so I could move to thinking and parenting in a way that is most beneficial to my children."  – Angela