Go from mind-drama to conscious parenting.

My mission is to build an emotionally healthy and happy generation, starting with our kids. I believe this is how parents change the world, one beautiful child at a time.

It starts with you.

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  • 60 minute meetings via Zoom or Phone
  • Review challenge and desired goal.
  • Coaching to identify root cause(s) and patterns.
  • Discuss tool(s) that will enable you to effectively address the challenge.
  • Following the call you receive detailed notes covering what was discussed.
  • You also receive worksheets for each of the tools reviewed on the call.

 Single Call & Tools: $150/hour



- You are calmer, more connected, and you know your kids much better like my client Anna.

- Your friends notice how you're less stressed and enjoying your time with your kids more like my client Liz.

You've reached a whole new level of calm that you didn't even know existed, and you're now able to stay focused on how to best help your child like my client Kate.

- You find these concepts help you successfully navigate issues at work and in other relationships like my clients Angela and Christina, and other areas of your life get easier.

- You're able to handle meltdowns and tantrums.

- You can say no to your child without sending them into a tailspin.

- You have a process for solving issues and problems.

- You're far more effective and no longer shooting from the hip.

- You move beyond surviving the day to day, and actually help your child thrive.

- You're becoming more of the parent you always dreamed you would be.

Your children learn new parenting habits from you and you change your legacy for your children and future generations.

Happy Parent Clients

These tools have made me way more effective...

Before working with Mel, I mentally felt like I was hanging on by a thread, and any straw could break the camel’s back.  The idea of coming from a place of neutral and parenting from curiosity (tools in the toolbox) have reframed and shifted the time and way I engage with my kids that makes me way more effective. Now I feel far more connected to my kids, I know my kids better, and my husband sees me as much more calm and in control instead of frazzled and disconnected.

- Anna, Mom of 3


- I will share research-backed tools and practices that will help you support your child's growth both physically and emotionally.

- I will provide a judgment free space so you are comfortable sharing and releasing.

- I will help you clarify your values, goals, and vision of what you want for your family.

- I will help you discover the strengths in you, your kids, and your family — and identify areas to add additional tools.

- We will work together to create a plan to help you realize that vision. 

- I will guide you through a collaborative and solution focused process to implement the plan and tools.

- You have a defined path to less stress, more joy, and significantly improved relationships.

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Are you ready to become a more  confident, intentional, and effective parent?

It's 100% Possible,

and I can get you there.

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