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Are you just parenting reactively, just dealing with emotional ups and downs the best you can?

I show parents the art of parenting consciously and confidently. I help parents stop reacting and start parenting intentionally, so they can have better relationships, raise confident and resilient kids, and have a more peaceful home.

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If you're like many of my clients, you find parenting hard.

Parents often tell me:

  • If only I could get my kids to listen better, I could be calmer and less reactive.
  • I find myself yelling but I just can’t control it — and then I feel awful.
  • I’m worried that I’m going to do something wrong or that I’ve already messed up.
  • I just want my kids to be happy and feel good about themselves, but every time that I try to help it just seems to make things worse.

Do any of these sound like your thoughts?

Are you the type of parent that just sees everything that you're doing wrong, and nothing that you're doing right?

Maybe you've even read books and tried a number of different things hoping for the answer — but the days and months go by, and nothing changes.   
Do you wish there was a better way?

Take a deep breath.

Know that you are not alone, and it’s not too late.

There is a better way and I can help you find it.

Kids don't come with a Parenting Manual.

Chances are, no one taught you how to best parent, right?  Even if you had great parents, most of us are dealing with our own emotional baggage based on our own childhood experiences because our parents didn’t know either!  Nobody taught them.

This is no blame game, we all did the best we could with what we knew at the time.  Me included.  I really struggled myself until I finally learned how to keep my own cool and communicate better, no matter what was going on with my kids.

Learning to keep my cool and parent from neutral changed everything for me and my family.  My relationships with my kids improved exponentially, we have more peace in our home and lives, and I truly believe that I have changed the lives of future generations of my family.  My kids will now parent differently themselves based on what they’re learning from me. And this is exactly what I teach my clients.

Raising emotionally healthy kids is more important than ever right now, and a different parenting skillset is needed.

And that's where I come in.

  • Stop getting triggered and learn to keep your cool so you can parent calmly and effectively no matter what is going on.
  • Build up your parenting toolbox of tips and strategies so you can confidently handle any challenging situations that arise.
  • Communicate better to strengthen your connection and improve your relationship with your kids, so you can help them through their emotional ups and downs and build their confidence and resilience.

Don't just take my word for it...


Learn to keep your cool and communicate better —

So you can feel calmer, confident, and in control, knowing you can handle any parenting challenges that come your way.

It’s 100% possible,
and I can help you get there.

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