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How to Help Your Child Navigate Negative Feelings.

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About my Workshop: Helping your child navigate feelings

Feelings are key to actually getting what we want in life, but most people don't understand how they work or the role they play in our lives or the lives of our children. I find that most parents are at a loss when it comes to helping their kids deal with their feelings as they're experiencing those big and scary emotions.

Join us for my Free Workshop where we discuss Feelings. You will leave having a much better understanding of feelings and how to help your children (and yourself!) navigate negative emotions. Registration is open, this work can help anyone! 
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Here are what some folks are saying about my most recent talk on Feelings:

"Mel I'm speechless.  Everything you said resonated on so many levels."  – Liz

"This class was so informative and definitely worth my time. In under 30 minutes, Mel shared great information that was new, gave me a different perspective, as well as multiple takeaways that I'm able to use right away." – Julie

"Eye-opening and insanely helpful. It gave me the tools and guidance to take me out of the emotion of parenting so I could move to thinking and parenting in a way that is most beneficial to my children."  – Angela